Tired of Austin Home Prices? Here is the Next Best Thing…

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November 21, 2016
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Tired of Austin Home Prices? Here is the Next Best Thing…

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This past year in Real Estate the common occurrence I hear from clients and friends are the rising prices in real estate in Austin, including the taxes.  Of course everyone wants to live in this city that has a vibrant music and social scene, access to trails, lakes, springs galore, and be in the mix of the the heavy tech and entrepreneurial scene when it comes to business.  Austin Tx is definitely progressive and forward thinking city that many want to be a part of.  Its a city with a small town feel.  It offers a uniqueness that many large cities across the US cannot match or even come close to.  Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?!   People here have a zest for life and maintain it.

For some though, the prices of real estate moving to an average sales price of $350,000 in Austin is a big change compared to 5 years ago where it was at  $205,000.   Find out more about recent changes by clicking here.  Plus, when you are buying in Austin its still common to be in multiple offer situations and up-against cash offers.  That can be hard to compete with.  We are a market in Austin that continues to be on the rise and will be for the next 5-10 years when you look at simple Supply and Demand.   Our supply is low and Demand is high, especially with the influx of constant jobs into the city.

So, I offer to you the next best thing to buying in Austin at a more affordable rate but still get the similar lifestyle Austinites are use to – i.e. Georgetown and San Marcos.  When it comes to my real estate lingo, I call Georgetown and San Marcos “My Mini-Austin’s”.   Both of these towns offer the charm Austin does but on a smaller scale.

Best of all though, the prices are $100,000 less on average.  Williamson county (where Georgetown is located) has an average sales price of $269,500 as of June 2016 and Hays County (where San Marcos is located) has an average sales price of $249,950.  Both of these towns are college towns (like Austin) and offer the music & bar scene, trendy restaurants and diverse cuisine, and best of all the nature aspect with thousands of acres of parklands, trails, lakes and swimming holes.  You can keep a healthy and active lifestyle in both of these towns just like Austinites do!  Plus, at these lower prices it can give you more room in your monthly budgets for travel or any leisurely activities.

You will continue to see Georgetown and San Marcos grow a great rate as jobs keep filtering in to both cities and infrastructures are being supported for growth.  Several tycoons are moving in and snatching up all the land, so it’s in your best interest to start trying to buy some up yourself.

SO, if I have made you ponder the idea of Georgetown or San Marcos as a more affordable option give me a jingle and I can fill you in more!


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