Sellers Guide to Liberty Hill

Below are a few checklists that will help you decide what kind of properties in the Liberty Hill Area maybe best for you. Be it ranch land, farm land, or any kind of estate, we can help with all of your real estate needs!.

We've we've compiled them into one list that you'll find below. Use this checklist the next time you're in need of an agent and you can't go wrong.


With the Austin and surrounding areas housing market growing daily, there's no shortage of homes to choose from, whether you're wanting to rent or buy. Even so, it takes an experienced real estate agent to guide you through the process in order to avoid costly mistakes. Lets take a look at some of the most common mistakes buyers make and how to avoid them

Fast Selling Tips For Residential Real Estate

It might not be the peak season for selling your home, but there are many things you can do to guarantee a fast sale. Remember, Sarah Williams is your go-to Real Estate Agent in Liberty Hill, Tx is only a phone call away. You need to set a good price (knowing your market is key) and make an excellent first impression with all the potential buyers. Here are some useful tips to help you to sell your residential home quickly.


Most residential real estate sellers assume that the selling price should be set very high at first and reduced later when the houses don't sell too fast. However, this can make the sale very slow and at the lowest price possible, especially if buyers are expecting the price to go down. Once your house is one the market, the first 30 days are crucial to your success.
The amount of activity during that period will determine whether the house is going to sell quickly or not. Therefore, if the price is too high, you might chase away potential buyers as well as their real estate agents. Most of them will assume that you are not willing to negotiate or are not serious about the sale altogether.

Curb Appeal

Nothing makes a good first impression more than a good-looking and well manicured home. That’s the first thing people see whenever they visit the house. That’s why you should do everything necessary to make sure that the curb appeal is unforgettable. You can improve the curb appeal by replacing the old mailbox, repainting the front door, planting flowers in the garden, etc.

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Once prospective buyers visit your home, they will form an opinion based on the curb. Set the right expectations by transforming the driveway and the front porch of your home for the best results. If there are a few construction projects needed to improve the curb appeal, don’t hesitate to do them.

Updating The Interior And Exterior

Once you have improved the curb appeal, the next step is matching the interior to the exterior. Your house can’t look inviting from the outside only for the prospective buyers to get bored once they are actually inside the house. Replace the old fixtures, add a new coat of paint and polish the floors to reflect a brand new appearance. As for the exterior, you should also repaint the outside walls and update the landscaping to make sure the house looks as good as new.

Cleaning And De-cluttering

Potential buyers are more interested in houses with more space. On that note, you should remove as many personal or unnecessary items as possible to add more space. If the house is cluttered, start organizing and de-cluttering to increase the space. On the other hand, potential buyers need to envision the house with their items in it. Therefore, leaving your personal items in the house might taint their opinion.


Of course, you understand where everything is supposed to go into your house. However, a potential buyer might find an additional space and find it distracting especially if the room doesn’t have a particular purpose. On that note, you need to stage the house properly. For instance, if there is an alcove near the kitchen or pantry, you can stage it as an office or anything else you fancy. Don’t transform standard rooms into irrelevant purposes since that might confuse the potential buyer.

Right Time To Show The Property

Don’t stick to an inflexible schedule that cuts out potential buyers who might want to view the property. With more flexibility, you can guarantee that most people will see the house. You should be ready for visitors very early in the morning, late in the evenings and many during the weekends. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you should close the house completely during the day. You never know who will come knocking at the oddest hour. Don let things pass you by: finding the best Real Estate Agents in Texas is a very daunting task.

No Pets

If you can help it, make sure that the potential buyers have no idea that there are pets in the house. Remove all the pets as well as their paraphernalia to make sure the house is completely de-personalized. For potential buyers who are not interested in domestic animals, it might be unsightly and discouraging to see pets in the house. If potential customers ask about pets, you can always let them know the regulations regarding that.

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